Thursday, March 31, 2016


Since we may or may not get back to the topic of creating theories I wanted to pose some of the questions I had from Rose and Weiser's article.

  • How do we make our theories seem concrete instead of just an imagining of what we think should happen?
  • How do we need to verify/support/prove a theory in humanities with empirical research?
  • If we don't then what do we use to verify/support/prove our theory?
  • How can we make people believe/see that our theories are good theories? What do we need to provide them with? 


  1. Your concern with theory, Sara, could be something we end up discussing with LAK today during our Skype conversation. What role does she see theory playing in The Activist WPA and more generally in her work as a WPA? She talks about the principles she holds that guide her work, things like tikkun olam and prophetic pragmatism, and she she discussion a practice-based/action-oriented approach to the profession... Is theory wrapped up in that for her? That would seem to be similar to the ways in which Weiser and Rose talk about WPA theorizing, too, I think.